The Metamorphosis of a Dream


The Elysian Artist
Elias, the vagabond artist, an artistic soul
who is an illustrator with a love for beauty and macabre.
The Creator of Atelier Apricity and the author of Pandora's Paradox.
A long running passion project he hopes to publish one day.

Tell me of your Ephemeral dreams

Elias is open to meeting new souls.
Should you have the interest for him to illustrate for you, please see "Hire Me" tab for the pricelist.

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e-mail: [email protected] (for direct business inquiries)

Which Dream Do You Seek?

One Soul's Dream Is Another's Waking Nightmare


Weave unto life that which hath long gone


Candied Dreams in a Nightmare World


Waltz into a Daydream


How long do you take in completing my illustration?Please give me a minimum of two (2) weeks. I do keep constant communication through email/discord. Should any unforeseen events happen that may cause a delay I will readily inform you.

Important: I do not take rush projects. Thank you for understanding.

What is your payment method? Paypal or Ko-fi
With paypal, I will be creating an invoice.
How many free revisions do you give?I only give two (2) free revisions.

Please be advised that I show the rough sketch for approval before proceeding to lineart or paint.

Anything beyond changing color tones/shades will be considered a major revision.

Ex: Asking me to change the limb pose/expression halfway into working on the illustration.

Can you draw couples?Yes, but rates for couple illustration vary depending on difficulty. Please inquire more through email/discord so we can discuss your project thoroughly.

Can you design my character?Yes but please expect a higher rate as designing takes more time to do. Especially making it ideal to what you had envisioned your design to be.

Can I use your illustration commercially?No. I retain all rights to the artwork and it is strictly for private use only, reproduction of my work without my consent is not allowed.

For Commercial works, please get in touch to discuss thoroughly.
Can you imitate popular artist styles such as Soejima (Persona) and Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy Series) Yes but keep in mind It will be an imitation, closely referenced to the artist and will NOT be an exact replication of the style.
Can you draw NSFW Illustrations?Yes but nothing too explicit. I prefer to work with artistic nudity or pin up illustrations.
Can you draw Anthropomorphic Characters?Yes, though complex designs may be charged higher. Please inquire directly.

Thank You For Reading